Strategic Storytelling & The Search for Harmony

The explosion of digital creation and consumption formats has brought in new players and undiscovered audiences for Australian and Indian content. James and Amitesh share their experiences of pivoting and engaging audiences with these tools while exploring new methods to activate and disrupt futures.

The Panel
James Boyce
Founder and CEO of Grumpy Sailor
James is the founder and creative visionary behind Grumpy Sailor, creators of the Astonishingly Unforgettable Experience. Grumpy Sailor is Australia’s leading Creative Experience Design Studio. They specialise in adventurous and ambitious creative experience projects. They work with organisations, cultural institutions, architects, businesses and brands that are looking to enhance lives and do some good in the world. Link:
Amitesh Grover
Interdisciplinary Artist & Curator
Amitesh Grover is an award-winning interdisciplinary artist. His practice is based on the ephemeral and the conceptual. Inquiring into the art of performance, he moves beyond theatre into visual art, film, installation, digital art, participatory and immersive processes. Amitesh also teaches, writes, and curates. Link:
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