Industry Perspectives on Indie Games

A discussion where experts talk culture, audience, funding, future and collaborations to provide a better understanding of the landscape of the Indie Game sector in their respective regions

The Panel
Chris Solarski
SOLARSKI STUDIO and IGDA Switzerland/Artist-Game Designer and Game Theorist, Chapter Chair
Chris Solarski’s work has been described as gaming’s equivalent to Robert McKee’s screenwriting classic, 'Story,' and Joseph Campbell’s universal storytelling structure. Chris has had the pleasure of presenting at the Smithsonian Museum’s landmark 'The Art of Video Games' exhibition, Disney Research, SXSW, Google and FMX, to name a few.
Tejas Nair
New media Practitioner & Curator
Tejas Nair is a new media practitioner, curator and culture entrepreneur who has built successful media brands, community-led projects and festivals within the world of immersive technology and music. Under the stage name Spryk, he has built installations, audio-visual performances, and digital experiences. Tejas has also built a record label (Skip-A-Beat) and studio practice (Press Play Studio). ,
Natasha Skult
MiTale / IGDA
Natasha Skult is the CEO & Creative Director of MiTale, a game development company from Finland focusing on narrative-driven experiences and gamification. She is an active member of the Finnish and international games industry as a Chairperson of Besides industry work, she is active in academic research and teaches courses in game design and game (digital) art production at University of Turku. /
Dimitry Vesnin
Independent game designer
Lecturer in Institute of Business and Design (B&D), Moscow, Russia. Co-curator of What Are the Rules? Festival of play and games at GES-2. Participant of the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale (2020-2021) and 6th Ural Industrial Biennial (2021)
Allison Yang Jing
Light Cone Interactive
Yang Jing is a designer, curator and writer in the intersection of art and game. She just made the game Forgetter with game artist Alan Kwan in 2020-2021, and is touring around China to display this art game in game fairs. She also curates and writes about games, art and art game, to fulfill her dream ever since she first became a game addict when she was 13 thanks to a martial-art-novel-inspired RPG.
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