Funding Opportunities for indie Games

This panel takes a closer look at the larger funding landscape for Indie game development in India and globally. The speakers will discuss the role and importance of investment and capital required for serious game development and business incubation.

The Panel
Natasha Skult
MiTale / IGDA
Natasha Skult is the CEO & Creative Director of MiTale, a game development company from Finland focusing on narrative-driven experiences and gamification. She is an active member of the Finnish and international games industry as a Chairperson of Besides industry work, she is active in academic research and teaches courses in game design and game (digital) art production at University of Turku. /
Avinash Kumar
Design Strategist & Co-Founder of Quicksand
Avinash is a design strategist, researcher and artist-performer. He is also the co-founder of three of India’s creative endeavours; Quicksand (an innovation consulting firm), BLOT! (an audio-visual collective) and UnBox Festival (an interdisciplinary arts platform). He is the curator of EyeMyth Media Arts Festival and creator of Antariksha Sanchar, a transmedia IP that offers a 3D video game and opera performances to users. Link:
Goutham Dindukurthi
Goutham Dindukurthi is the founder/director of Holy Cow Productions, an independent video game development studio based out of Bangalore. Having studied Entertainment Technology at Carnegie Mellon University and working at Ubisoft Barcelona as a Gameplay Programmer, Goutham moved back to start his own studio to make quality games for different platforms.
Rinaldo Wirz
Creative Director | Game Designer | 2D/3D Animator, Co-founder at Momo-pi
Rinaldo Wirz is a game developer and artist who started as a multimedia designer, then continued as an illustrator and animator, and finally started his career in video games in Japan in 2014. From that point he worked for different game studios, including famous companies such as Nintendo, Square Enix, Hakuhodo or Shueisha. He is now working on his own projects as the co-founder and game director at Momo-Pi Game Studio. Like any indie game creator, he wears a lot of caps, from artist/animator to level designer, game designer and project leader. His next game, “Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions” will come next summer 2022 on Nintendo Switch.
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