Equalising Voices & The Search for Ethics

There is a growing need for artistic practices and organisations to be reimagined as more diverse and inclusive. Mikaela and Shreya discuss opportunities to democratise the arts and amplify the voices of Indigenous communities and marginalised peoples

The Panel
Mikaela Jade
Founder and CEO of Indigital
Mikaela Jade founded award-winning Indigital, Australia’s first Indigenous Edu-tech company. Indigital specialises in technology development and digital skills training for augmented and mixed realities, artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet of things and geospatial technologies. Her mission is to close the digital divide by providing a meaningful pathway for Indigenous people to develop technological skill, and digitise traditional knowledge and culture. https://indigital.net.au/
shreya nagarajan singh
Founder of SNS Arts Development Consultancy
Shreya Nagarajan Singh founded SNS Arts Development Consultancy, an internationally qualified arts development consultancy that aims to make the arts more accessible to audiences, and to provide avenues for appropriate recognition and financial support to practitioners. SNS is run for artists and by artists and provides a wide range of services including fundraising, strategic planning, revenue generation and event curation. Link: https://www.shreyanagarajansingh.com/
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