Digital Existentialism & The Search for Identity

The media and entertainment industry has seen catalytic growth of previously emergent and experimental formats. In this episode Betty and Akshat explore two opposing forces that define Digital Existentialism; bringing people together through a digital medium, while encouraging the individual to reflect inward.

The Panel
Dr Betty Sargeant
Artist and Creative Director of PluginHUMAN
Dr Betty Sargeant is a multi-award-winning and internationally recognised media artist and the Creative Director with the art-technology duo, PluginHUMAN. Betty’s work is focused on developing multi-sensory immersive art installations that socially and physically engages audiences. PluginHUMAN creates immersive light installations for international galleries, museums and festivals. Link:
Akshat Nauriyal
Multi-Media Artist, Musician & Filmmaker
Akshat Nauriyal (Tahska) explores themes around the hyper- digitisation of our world through the intersection of art, technology and urbanism. He is curious about the impact of technology on human behaviour and public consciousness, and its use as a tool for activism and social impact. His works range from immersive data-based installations, interactive augmented reality filters and installations. Link:
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