Bilateral Architectures for Artistic Production

New and experimental technologies seek to resolve the challenges in global collaborations in the arts sector. Pippa and Avinash explore avenues to facilitate new cultural relations between Australia and India focusing on promoting peer-to-peer collaborations with technology as a tool.

The Panel
Dr Pippa Dickson
Director of Asialink Arts
Dr Pippa Dickson is the Director of Asialink Arts and is committed to facilitating true partnership and cooperation between Australia and Asia within the arts and creative industry. She is Director of the National Association for Visual Artists and Co-Chair of the National Craft Initiative. Pippa has also founded Design Island for Arts Tasmania and is the founding CEO of the Glenorchy Art & Sculpture Park. Link:
Avinash Kumar
Design Strategist & Co-Founder of Quicksand
Avinash is a design strategist, researcher and artist-performer. He is also the co-founder of three of India’s creative endeavours; Quicksand (an innovation consulting firm), BLOT! (an audio-visual collective) and UnBox Festival (an interdisciplinary arts platform). He is the curator of EyeMyth Media Arts Festival and creator of Antariksha Sanchar, a transmedia IP that offers a 3D video game and opera performances to users. Link:
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